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Baby Shower Traditions

If you have first child of your family, it is normal to hold a baby shower and usually only women were invited. This baby shower tradition is pointed to the mother to share wisdom and lessons of becoming a mother. However, baby shower is also hold to present the adopted children. It is unusual to hold a baby shower more than one, such as with co workers and another with friends.

The celebration of baby shower
For European, baby shower is an alternative occasions of celebrations such as Baptisms. These kinds of celebrations tend to be less materialistic to hold baby shower in twenty first century.

Usually, baby shower is hosted and arranged by a close friend instead of a member of family because it is not good for families to ask for gifts on behalf of their members. Meanwhile, you can find different variations for this custom in terms of culture or region and some occasions are hosted by female family member, even often the grandmother of the baby. There are activities that are arranged by host such as to guess the birth date or sex of the baby or playing games to taste baby foods. No rule to be set to hold a baby shower.

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