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Powerful Ways to Overcome Heel Cracking

Powerful Ways to Overcome Heel Cracking
Cracked heel indicates a lack of care on the part of the body up, heels were often escapes our attention. However, if the cracks that occur on the heels would not be solved, can interfere with performance and reduce our beauty.
The main cause of the cracks that occur on the heels of the loss is generally caused by the moisture in the body, especially the heel of the foot is the humidity levels are low relative to other parts of our body.
To cope with cracked heels, here we outline 5 easy ways to overcome cracked heels which we have quoted from various sources.
Keep your feetOne of the things that is often forgotten is wash your feet every time she came, the foot, especially the heel part of the body is very prone to dust and dirt, it can be understandable, as the location or position of a part is closer to the ground.
If any member of the body that need to be cleaned extra then the answer is the legs, not the face. To clean up our heels it is recommended to use warm water to more easily lift all the dust and dirt of the foot.
Use a moisturizer
Cracked heel or heel cracks found on the heel caused by the inability to maintain humidity levels independently.
Therefore, it is important applying moisturizer regularly to this one part of the body. To do so you just need to soak the feet into the warm water, after a few minutes dry with a towel and apply moisturizer evenly.
This method is aimed to make it easier to raise all the dead skin, moisturize and reduce the pain caused by the fracture.
Use coconut oil and wax
One of the traditional ways that you can try to solve one of them cracked heels is to use candles and oil palm.
Heat a bit of wax to melt and enter the coconut oil or olive oil into it. Apply evenly through the heel and let stand until the whole night.
This way it can heal cracks found on the heel as well as moisturize and relieve pain that may be caused.
Use sesame oil
Sesame oil is a very powerful component to get rid of all the problems commonly found in the legs. Apply sesame oil to the heel and let your whole night and rinse the next day.
Using banana
Take some ripe bananas and peel off the skin, then apply to take the contents heels, let stand for 40 to 50 minutes then rinse with warm water.
Five of the above proved successful in dealing with cracked heels, if you have a prescription or any other way please share to us in order to provide an alternative to the above five ways.

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