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8 How to Eliminate Blackheads Naturally

8 How to Eliminate Blackheads Naturally
Blackheads are clogged pores, can be open or closed. Open comedones (blackhead), look like enlarged pores and blackened. Closed comedones (whiteheads) have skin that grows over the clogged pores so it looks like small white bumps. This type of acne blackheads are caused by dead skin cells and excess secretion of oil glands in the skin.
1. Familiarize you always healthy lifestyle and you try to sufficient nutrition

A healthy lifestyle is very important for you to apply in your daily life, for what? because apparently healthy lifestyle can reduce the number of blackheads on your face and a pretty good looking. So, try to always live a healthy life. Adequate nutrition was able to reduce blackheads also. The conclusion ends meet live healthy and nutrition, adequate rest and watch your nutritional intake.

2. Ice Cube Ice cubes can also turn out to tackle blackheads?
believe me, the ice was not only used to make iced lemon, iced tea and other beverages ya hehe. Yeah, turns out the ice cubes in addition to its function could also lower the temperature of the hot alias refreshing, it could also be to tackle blackheads. You know how? way, you simply rub an ice cube around your face area of ​​blackheads, apply approximately 10 minutes is enough. Please immediately put into practice. Are you waiting for?

3. Egg white Eggs

well yes there are many functions, besides very popular as a side dish when we eat, to the manufacture of a wide range of staple foods and a variety of other functions, it turns out eggs can also be used to address annoying blackheads. In this case, the egg whites are used to treat blackheads. The trick is, you just mix the egg white with 1 teaspoon of honey. Once you are sure it is really mixed evenly, it's time you rub a mixture of egg white and honey tea to the face you each. After that, you wait until it is completely dry. And the last step is that you rinse your face with warm water. For this method, you should apply / do before you go to bed.

4. Orange peel
Besides fresh oranges to eat, it is also helpful in treating blackheads as well you know. What do I like? easy really, how are you just add a little water to peel before, after that, you stick it in the face of your blackheads with duration of attachment is one full night.

5. Keep your face
Blackheads will be very easy to come up in your face, if your face is dirty and greasy. So, diligent care to always clean your face. To cope with oily, use face cleaning products suitable for oily skin are potent reduce the oil on your face. Please search and selected her own cleaning products.

6. Aloe vera
Blackheads it can also be overcome with aloe vera. How? so you just break the rod crocodile tongues, after which you simply apply the existing mucus on the stem of aloe vera was to the face of your blackheads. Easy right? so what are you waiting? put into practice as soon as possible please!

7. White Water
White Water is powerful and a lot of benefits. You always try to drink water continuously in large amounts (at least 8 glasses a day is not it?). There is no harm in it if you drink water more than 8 glasses a day? even more better. Feel the difference after you drink plenty of water and before you drink plenty of water. Capable of water your digestion and make your face beautiful and handsome to be more clean and smooth. Immediately apply in your daily life, what are you waiting?

8. Facial regularly
The final way but it can be said the most powerful ways to tackle blackheads. Please try to do facials regularly and periodically. Facial will keep your face healthy and fresh always. So, soon buddy apply yourself each.

How've finished reading the info on how to get rid of blackheads this time? please buddy practice in ways that I gave on this occasion. Everything is almost nothing that is instant. So, do not just once or twice just above methods you practice. Repeat the process until the blackheads completely lost.

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