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4 Ways To Soften Lips Naturally

Soft lips are important assets we have always maintained, the lips are not much different, both require special care. Chapped lips until there is blood, dead skin started peeling off can make you look bad.There are some tips you can use to get soft lips as well as preventive measures against all the problems described above lips.Below are some recipes lip softener that you can try to get the lips soft and healthy.

Sugar and salt scrubsPrepare both ingredients and mix a few drops of water so that they melt. After melting apply to fingers and rubbed it to his lips in a circular motion.Once finished you can wash your mouth with warm water. Scrub is used to remove dead skin cells that exist in the lips and make it softer.

Scrub sugar and olive oilSame as above, first you need to mix a few drops of warm water to melt the sugar. After melting and then apply evenly to all parts of the lips in a circular motion.Do this for a few minutes then wash with warm water. Once dried you can apply olive oil to moisturize the lips. Function and use this scrub recipe is not much different from the first, is to get soft lips as well as moisture.

Honey and sugar scrubThere is actually no different from sugar scrub, the difference only lies in the liquid to be mixed into it.If the sugar scrub before we use warm water to dissolve the sugar, then this recipe uses honey as a solvent. 
Dissolve the sugar with honey to taste and rub into the lips in a circular motion. Clean with warm water and pat dry. 
The use of honey here is intended to get the lips soft and moist naturally.

Honey and lemonTo make it, prepare beforehand a little sugar, honey and lemon to taste. Dissolve the sugar with honey that you prepared earlier.

Mix a few drops of lemon juice into it, you can use lemon juice instead of lemon. Once everything is ready, apply evenly to the lips and rub gently lifted up all the dead skin then wash with warm water.This recipe is not only intended to remove all the dead skin cells, but also can be used to increase the level of moisture lips.

The above recipe is very simple and easy to follow, in addition to the four tips above chemical-free until it is completely safe to apply on your lips without fear of side effects in the future.You should know that the ingredients and the recipe above lip softener found in many moisturizing lip products that are sold in beauty stores with relatively expensive. If we can make it why buy?

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