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Tips on beauty care facial acne

Beauty care tips will be a little pimply face we discuss in this article. Has a smooth face without acne is one of desire for every person. Beauty care facial acne is different from facial skin care for dry or normal. Method and materials used to treat different, appropriate treatment can be a way to eliminate acne, although of course there are little scars.

One way to treat facial acne by using natural ingredients which is very safe for facial acne. The following materials can be used for facial acne how to care for natural beauty.

Eggs, this material is a source of animal protein is very good for the body. Not only that, the eggs can also be used to treat facial acne beauty. Part of eggs that can treat acne scars and also is a white egg. Egg whites can also tighten the facial skin. To use the egg whites to treat facial acne is very easy. Apply egg white on the face and then let sit for 10 minutes then wash with cold water. Perform routine three times a week.

Tomatoes, fruit vegetables can also overcome the facial skin with acne. Tomatoes contain vitamin A and vitamin C are very high. The content of vitamin C can help maintain the health of facial acne. For use in treating acne skin tomatoes is very easy. Crush the tomatoes then use as a mask. Or you can use a slice of tomato, then put on a pimpled face wait 15 minutes then rinse with clean water.

Lime, the content of which is present in lime is very good for health, especially for beauty facial acne. Lime can reduce the oil on the face and can also cope with acne. Also very simple to use. Apply lemon juice on the face, let sit for 10 minutes or 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Avoid using lime juice on the acne with an open wound because it can cause stinging.

Celery, natural ingredients that last for beauty care facial acne is celery. Not many people know that celery it can be used to treat acne prone skin. Generally, people know that celery can only be used for cooking as well as hair care. In addition, celery may also help treat facial acne. In celery contains L-tryptophan and butilphalida which can reduce the oil and also get rid of acne.

Skin facial acne is not enough just to be treated in a natural way. You also have to take care of in a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle can prevent acne from appearing again. Additionally, reduce fatty foods because fatty foods contain a lot of oil and can cause acne. It is important that the acne does not come back that is not touching the face with dirty hands. Dirty hands will only aggravate existing acne.

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