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Tips and how to clean the ear to keep it clean

Ear is one of the five senses that should be treated hygiene and health. Because the ear is one of the external organs, but further inside, more intensive treatment is needed carefully in order not to hurt the treatments performed these organs. Therefore, the following will be presented by the author about tips and how to clean the ear is good and right in order to keep it clean. 

Do not clean the ear probe

Habits of ordinary people is to clean the ear with prying ears. This custom was wrong. Even habits such as these tend to increase the risk of ear damage. This is because, korekan ear ear can hurt you without your knowing it. Ear picking can reduce the eardrum normalcy. Normal eardrum will look shiny. Even most of the eardrum due to too busy picking the ears.

Just clean the outer ear

Prompts right ear cleaning is only on the outside only. You can use a clean cotton to clean the ear and the outer ear cavity. Avoid picking up ear cavity to the inner ear. Ear actually has a natural ability to cleanse itself by pushing soft dirt of the ear itself. So, if you scrape the inner ear, the risk of dirt can enter back into the ear by accident is enormous.

Routine care ear health

You can go to the ENT specialist clinic for routine health check and clean the ears. ENT specialist can also help clean your ears from dirt that interfere safer. This is because the ENT specialist obviously has medical equipment that supports the treatment and health of your ears.

The ears do not need too clean

Cleaning the dirt in the ear is recommended not too clean might sound a little strange to you that has been regularly clean your ears. This is because the inner ear cavity there is a special wax to lubricate the ear and serves to filter dirt or dust that enters the ear. This wax also serves to complicate the small insects that get into your ears. Often the wax catching dust will dry naturally and be earwax. But naturally does the ear will drive this dirt to come out of the ear cavity.

Personal ear care

If you still want to do the cleaning ears personally eat you can do it by ear wash with clean water while bathing. The washing was then dried thoroughly using a dry towel gently. You can also clean the ear using a clean cotton smeared with baby oil or coconut oil which has been heated. However, this treatment should only be done once a week.

Ear as the sense of hearing is very important for health and hygiene is maintained. You can reduce the use of earphones, headsets, handsfree and so to avoid ear damage. Do not let things make you feel pain in the ear or ears become sensitive due to too frequent cleaning. Similarly, can the writer explained about tips to clean ears properly. May be useful for readers.

Conclusion: How to clean a good ear is the ear does not pry, do not clean the inner ear carelessly and perform routine maintenance ear to the ENT clinic.

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